An on-line gaming community for those otherwise excluded or left-behind.

About us:

  • Our Patron-Saint is “Hermey” the Elf – most commonly associated with the “Island of Misfit Toys” (see Wikipedia).
  • Much like our members, this site is a “work-in-progress“.
  • Membership to our Steam Community Group is open to the public, and is intended for those players who are looking for information about our game-servers, and to connect with our community.
  • Further, players that join our Steam Community Group, will receive (automatically) a greater-than-public level of access to some custom features of our game-servers – such as custom player skins/models, etc.
  • Founded by / for “players” formerly of Weasel’s Lair.
  • Name inspired by this other pre-existing quasi-affiliated group: The Freaks and Misfits (TFAM).
  • LGBTQ+S¬†friendly.¬† Hate nobody.
  • Make fun of everybody.¬† LGBTQSROFLcopter?

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